You Helped Make 2022 Successful!

Mower County GOP went two for two with the election of Patricia Mueller for State House and Gene Dornink for State Senate.

You made it possible in the voting booth and with your financial support. Thank you.

But this is no time to be complacent. It may not seem obvious, but there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and your support is needed again to pave the way for future successes in the 2024 election. Specifically, your Mower County GOP is working on:

•   Election Integrity is one of the top issues both locally and at the state level. Your support will fund a series of election integrity workshops to help build a strong network of election judges and poll watchers here and elsewhere in the state.

•     In 2022 your State Senator Gene Dornink was elected for a four-year term.  Gene will not have to run again until 2026. Your Mower County GOP will be focusing primarily on State Representative Patricia Mueller in her 2023/2024 campaigns.

Liberals have already targeted your winning representatives, raising a war chest with out-of-state dollars. Their objective . . .   to take away the successes you helped make possible, keeping us all further under their thumb with their big brother approach to governing.

Don't let this happen.

Your contribution of any amount will go along way toward helping keep our conservative wins and ensure an honest election that is transparent and absent of voter fraud. 

Once Per Year the State Will Reimburse You For Your Contribution Up To $75.

That’s right, you can get reimbursed for your contribution to the Mower County GOP. It’s easy.

Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund Program reimburses voter contributions up to $75 ($150 for a married couple) for Minnesota state-level offices and political party units like your Mower County GOP.

On average, contributors receive their refund in 30-days.

Once your gift of any amount is received, your receipt along with the refund form and easy-to-follow instructions will be promptly mailed to you so you can be quickly paid back for your generous support of the Mower County GOP. 

Once Per Year the State Will Reimburse You For Your Contribution Up To $50.